The Kind Worth Killing

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The Kind Worth KillingThe Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Peter Swanson has penned quite the psychological thriller. Ted is feeling a bit despondent since he recently found that his wife, Miranda, is cheating on him. A few to many drinks at the airport and Ted shares with Lily, supposedly a complete stranger, that he is contemplating killing his wife to avoid giving her a share of his fortune since she wasn’t considerate enough to ask him for a divorce as opposed to cheating on him. Lily sees nothing wrong with this and states that the world is simply a better place without some people in it and offers to help him plan to get rid of his wife. That fateful meeting sets in motion events none of the characters foresaw.

The plot flips back and forth between the present for all of the characters and Lily’s past. The flashbacks to Lily’s past gives us quite a bit of insight into her mind. While Lily doesn’t necessarily think differently than the average person, the difference is that she acts on those thoughts/impulses. The storyline moves along at a good pace and the characters are developed very well. There are quite a few twists and turns in the plot and the ending ties everything up nicely but Swanson throws one last curve ball at the end that leaves you wanting to book to continue for one more chapter.

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Taking it All

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Taking it All (Surrender Trilogy, #3)Taking it All by Maya Banks
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I had a really hard time with this one. This was not a situation where ‘love conquers all’ comes into play. I don’t see any woman forgiving her husband for the situation Tate put Chessy in. She could have come to serious harm all because he stepped out for a second to try to reel in a client after promising to put her first. There are just some things in life that are unforgiveable; no factor that would shed a different light on the situation. I’m sorry to say part of it was Chessy’s fault for putting so much trust and faith into Tate after such an extended period of being last on his priority list.

The writing overall was on par. I just can’t get past the storyline and the fact that two to three weeks later everything was all good and they are going to live happily ever after. Taking it All was a very disappointing installment/finale for the series. If you have read the previous two book, you won’t really lose anything by not reading this one.

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Article: What To Do When You Lose your Kindle eReader

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What To Do When You Lose your Kindle eReader

Passion Ignites

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Passion Ignites (Dark Kings, #7)Passion Ignites by Donna Grant
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The seventh book in the Dark Kings series does not disappoint. Like all the other Dragon Kings, Thorn is not looking for and does not want a mate but there’s something about Lexi that he can’t ignore. Unlike most humans how follow the Dark Fae in a haze of desire, Lexi is following them to find the one who killed her friend to exact revenge. However, Lexi quickly finds herself the newest target in the burgeoning war between the Kings and the Dark Fae.

The Dark, Ulrik, and Mikkel finally seem to be a step ahead of the Kings. The Kings walked right into a trap in the installation of the series and the ramifications could be dire.

Donna Grant has outdone herself with this book. There are so many agendas among the characters that it’s hard to keep up, in a good way. The best part about series is that it gives the writer time to develop the characters and have the adapt changes and it gives the readers time to really bond with them. With this series, readers will be on bated breath to share in the joys and sorrows of the awesome characters.

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Releasing the Demons

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Releasing the Demons (The Order of the Senary #1)Releasing the Demons by L.D. Rose
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Vampires terrorize the world once darkness descends. People are forced to condense their lives to the time between sunrise and sunset or risk becoming one of the vampire’s victims. All of the government agencies now exist for one purpose, to attempt to eradicate the vampires. Little did they know that they were getting a tremendous amount of help from the Knights of the Order of the Senary, an organization comprised of hybrids. Blaze is one such Knight.

As a member of the NYPD, Valerie takes out as many vampires as possible every time she goes to work but she also has to deal with the despair whenever they find another human victim. Blaze and Valerie’s paths cross after a woman is found brutally murdered by a vampire. Blaze is Valerie’s prime suspect but they soon learn they are fighting on the same side and once they team up sparks fly.

L.D.Rose has put a new twist on a very classical paranormal genre. Vampires do not co-exist in a fragile truce with humans and she has half-human, half-vampire heroes who could be bad guys. This is a promising start to a new series with lots of action, suspense, romance, and pain.

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Secret Pleasure

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Secret PleasureSecret Pleasure by Lora Leigh
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

From the moment Alyssa, Sebastian, and Shane met, their lives were changed forever. None of them could have ever predicted the pain, suffering, and death that would shadow and threaten them for almost ten years.
At eighteen when she met the cousins, Alyssa was filled with dreams of a life full of a husband’s love and lots of children. At twenty-six, she has lost the will to live and is drowning in despair from everything that has been taken from her. Someone is out to get her and she has no idea why or who it is. When Shane and Sebastian reappear in her life so does her nameless, faceless enemy who seems more determined than ever to destroy her.
Lora Leigh always delivers on steamy romance and love scenes but this time there was also a heavy element of suspense. There are some gaps in the plot and the book ends with readers finding out whom but not really understanding why. However, Secret Pleasure is a solid installment to The Bound Hearts series.

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Return to Glebe Point

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Return To Glebe PointReturn To Glebe Point by Patricia Paris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For fans of the Glebe Point series, this installment introduces us to another member of the Morrison family, Charlie, Justin and Blake’s cousin. Justin and Blake know that something happened to Charlie to bring her back other than a desire to return to their hometown. They just have no clue what it could be since they haven’t spoken to her in over three years. In spite of the mysterious circumstances surrounding her return, Blake and Justin do everything in their power to make her feel welcome and establish a life, even going so far as to getting her set up with her own cupcake shop.

Cooper can see Charlie’s baggage a mile away and desperately wants to continue his carefree, drama free life but something about her draws him like a moth to a flame. They get off to a rocky start but quickly agree that being ‘friends with benefits’ would be mutually beneficial. Slowly but surely, their little romance blossoms into a full blown love story for the ages neither of them were seeking but find they can’t live without.

Patricia Paris has once again delivered great characters with strength and resilience readers will be able to easily identify with.

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