The Lucky OneThe Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In true Nicholas Sparks fashion, the Lucky One is a lovely story of two people meeting and developing a relationship. Both of the main characters have an interesting history that adds to the dynamic of their relationship. Logan Thibault, the main male character, adds depth and a realness to the story. Elizabeth (Beth) Green also adds a nice breath of 21st century reality of a single mother, divorcee, trying to do the best she can for her son and the grandmother who raised her who is recovering from a stroke. The male antagonist is Beth’s ex-husband and the father of her son. He is easy to dislike as soon as his character is introduced to the story and the dislike is fed by his actions throughout the story. Logan discovered a photo of Beth while serving a tour in Iraq. Once his service ends he is compelled to find her in spite of the fact that he does not believe the photo has brought him luck.

For those of you who might hesitate to read Nicholas Sparks as I do because of his tendency to not provide and nice, tidy, happy ending do not fear. While he does not tell you what happens with the characters down the road, he does leave the door open for the ever elusive happily ever after of a Nicholas Sparks book.

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