The HuntressThe Huntress by Dorothy McFalls
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Vega always gets her man, woman, child, whoever she has been sent after.

She takes her job as a bounty hunter very seriously and she is one of the best in spite of being a former beauty queen. Her life is turned upside down when Grayson Walker’s file hits her desk. Grayson has been on the loose for 6 months and Vega is determined to accomplish what her three predecessor could not – bringing him in after he skipped bail. Grayon however has no intention of being caught until he proves his innocence. He is in the fight of his life after being accused of murdering his best friend and business partner along with the previous three bounty hunters sent to bring him in.

As the chase continues, Vega and Grayson match wits and a growing attraction. The battle of wills ends with betrayal, bullets, and the uncovering of a bigger conspiracy both unwittingly became a part of.

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