The Last Boyfriend (Inn BoonsBoro, #2)The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Owen and Avery’s story was kind of downplayed. I was really hoping for more considering they had prior history. It would have been great to get more backstory on their relationship when they were younger. This story was more about the opening of the inn which did not lend a lot of focus on Owen and Avery.

Avery’s mother making an impromtu visit seemed random and out of place even though it gave an opening to some of her issues with her mother leaving and commitment issues. Surpisingly, Owen never showed any bother with Avery’s messiness even though he is the king of organization and planning.

The parts of their relationship we did see were very endearing. It was nice that they took time to make the transition from being friends to a romantic relationship. They learned new things about each other since their relationship took on a new aspect.

This second book in the series would have been great for Ry and Hope as they both had major roles in the inn and the opening of the inn would have been a high point in the story along with the development of their relationship. The third installment would have been ideal for Owen and Avery as it could focus on the construction and opening of her second restaurant which began in this book.

In conclusion, you should definitely read this book if you read the first as you get the pleasure of seeing the Inn Boonsboro completed and opened along with Clare and Beckett’ s marriage. However, do not expect an in depth development of Owen and Avery’s relationship. Their story is nice it just does not pull at the heart strings like the Next Always.

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