StranglerStrangler by William Landay
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Murder and mayhem in 1960s Boston.

The story centers on the Daley brothers and how they are each affected by the events of 1963 through mid-1964 and their roles. With Joe Daley, the oldest Daley brother, we see his decline from a shady cop to becoming a crooked cop. Middle brother and lawyer Michael goes from being the weak link in the family to being the one everyone turns to for direction. Ricky, master burglar and youngest of the Daley clan, is the most mysterious of the brothers even at the end of the book.

Mob-based crime, murder, deceit, betrayal, this book has it all. You are almost instantly sucked into the two plot lines of the story. You can’t help but follow along and try to figure out if they will find the real strangler. With the other plot line you want to know how organized crime is playing a role in the development of the ‘new Boston’ and what it could possibly have to do with the Daley’s.

William Landay’s Defending Jacob was very well written but a little slow. The Strangler on the other hand reads at a faster pace. You get quality time with each of the main characters which gives you time to develop a true investment in each of their outcomes. Watching the subtle change in the characters was very rewarding and a critical aspect to make the story work. A good, intriguing read.

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