Darkness Devours (Dark Angels, #3)Darkness Devours by Keri Arthur
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Darkness Devours is the third installment in the Dark Angel series, a spinoff of the Riley Jensen series

This book picks up right where the last one left off; Tao is recovering from consuming a fire demon, and they are no closer to finding her mother’s killer at the end of this book than before. Risa is once again tested by Hunter and the Vampire council. This test very nearly gets her killed and she makes no progress towards finding the second key. Risa’s questionable relationship with Lucian does take a hit while her relationship with Azriel becomes decidedly more personal.

Risa’s quest to find more interest about the third member of the consortium trying to control the ley lines forces her to call on a former lover interest, we hadn’t previously met, and also leaves a trail of bodies behind, some of which are killed in the same manner as her mother.

Three books in and I cannot begin to imagine where this series is going. There is clearly more to Azriel and Risa’s attraction to each other than Azriel is willing to share at this point. Why is the Vampire Council so interested in Risa and continue to test her? When do we find out what role Lucian plays in all this?

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