Return To SenderReturn To Sender by Fern Michaels
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Return to Sender to a novel about misunderstanding. Lin Townsend has a weeklong teenage love affair with the man of her dreams. Shortly after returning home, Lin finds herself pregnant and out on the street after her father finds out. She ties to contact Nick Pemberton, the baby’s father, the only way she knows how, by mail. All of her letters come back unopened and stamped return to sender.

Over the course of her son William’s life, Lin becomes successful and is able to provide a good home in spite of her meager beginnings. Lin runs into Nick Pemberton at a dinner she is attending with Will at NYU. After seeing how well to do Nick is Lin wants to make him feel some pain for ignoring her letters and not acknowledging his son. This chance meeting after 19 years lead to events that will shed light on why all of Lin’s letters came back unopened. What Lin doesn’t realize is that there is turmoil beneath the glossy surface of Nick’s life and finding out he has a son might be the best news of his life.

This novel teaches us that sometimes a coincidence is just that and not something sinister. Also, our pain can keep up from reading the fine print which leads us to jump to conclusions and increases our pain.

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