Wild CardWild Card by Lora Leigh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nathan/Noah and Sabella are overly deserving of a happily ever after. Lora Leigh makes them work for it in this book. Just as Nathan and Sabella are finding a rhythm in their marriage, Nathan dies. Actually, Sabella is told that Nathan is dead because for all intents and purposes, the man she knew as Nathan is gone. A darker, harsher Nathan, now going by Noah, emerges from his trials and tribulations to help protect Sabella from the scourge that is taking over his hometown. Noah does everything he can to prevent Sabella from discovering he is her long dead husband. However Sabella notices the similarities between Noah and Nathan not to mention the way his touch sets her body on fire.

Lora Leigh has penned a story that is full of ‘appearances can be deceiving’ instances with several of the characters. Sabella is betrayed by a woman she considered her best friend. Nathan/Noah learns that everything he thought about his father was based on incorrect assumptions. Sabella doesn’t understand why Nathan stayed away for so long but has now returned under a different name and has not acknowledged her as his wife. Will they get a second chance at forever or will the deceptions lead to more heartbreak and death?

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