Wicked Whispers (Castle of Dark Dreams, #6)Wicked Whispers by Nina Bangs
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Welcome to the Castle of Dark Dreams where your fantasies come true. Meet Murmur, a music demon. He can kill, manipulate the weather, and control others actions with the power of the music he creates. He is at the Castle to do a favor for his friend Bain. Ivy has arrived at the Castle to start a new job as Sparkle Stardust’s new assistant. She really wants this job to work out but she has no clue that the management at the hotel is anything other than human.

Ivy and Murmur’s first meeting is like something out of a dream; moonlit beach, dreamy music, dancing under the stars. The second meeting is a lot rockier but it opens the door to the start of their relationship. Ivy has to cope with finding out about non-humans and the implications that has on some of the things her family has had to endure. Murmur has to learn to trust and deal with a host of emotions he has never felt before that also goes against his demon nature. Decisions made by several secondary characters may cost everyone their lives. If they can all survive what is to come, Murmur and Ivy may just find what neither of them was looking for.

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