MaverickMaverick by Lora Leigh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Like all members of the Elite Ops unit, Micah Sloane is a dead man. That means he has no hopes, no dreams, and no future beyond the next mission. He pledged his life for the chance to exact vengeance against the man who killed his entire family, including him. Risa Clay knew her father despised her but she never would have thought he hated her until she suffered the ultimate betrayal at his urging.

The Elite Ops has the chance to take out Orion, an international assassin, but they need Risa’s cooperation to get to him. Micah demands the assignment to pose as Risa’s lover for the op against Orion. It will give him the chance to spend time with Risa and deliver the death-blow to the man responsible for the deaths of his parents. The time Micah spent watching over Risa prior to the op did not prepare him for the depth of feelings and desires Risa awakened within him. While they were definitely unexpected they were not wholly unwanted. The problem is that dead men can’t give forever to the woman they love, or can they?

Lora Leigh’s second installment in the Elite Ops series brings us a story of hope that things will get better in spite of how bad they may seem.

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