Death's Angel (Lost Angels, #3)Death’s Angel by Heather Killough-Walden
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The third installment of the Lost Angels series brings us the story of Azrael. Of the four archangels, Azrael underwent the most drastic change when they came to earth two millennia ago in search of their archesses. Up until this point, Azrael has been a powerful but unknown character. We really get to see who he is in this installment.

Sophie is best friends with Juliette whom we met in Messenger’s Angel. Juliette has told Sophie all about the archangels and their quest to find their missing archesses. Knowing this, Sophie tries to fight her attraction to Azrael to avoid the disappointment she will feel when he meets his archess. Unlike the other archesses, Sophie has not tapped into any of her latent power. Therefore she has no reason to hope she is an archess and destined to be with Azrael.

Azrael and Sophie not only have to overcome the ever present threat of Abraxos and the Adarians, but a new threat enters the scene that is even more deadly and powerful. Other supernatural beings, thought long extinct, are reappearing which leads the archangels to believe that their problems up until now have merely been a warm-up.

Michael joining with his archess in the next installment will invariably change the future. We are also told about the existence of a fifth archess.

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