Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1)Cinder by Marissa Meyer
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Melissa Meyer has turned the beloved, glitzy fairytale of Cinderella into a grimy futuristic tale full of conspiracy, manipulation, and otherworldly oppression. In this version of Cinderella, people called Lunars live on the moon, Cinderella goes by Cinder, and not only is she a mechanic but she’s also a cyborg. The prince is the crown prince of the Eastern Commonwealth. They meet when Prince Kai goes to Cinder to have her fix his beloved android Nansi.

The evil Queen Levana of Luna wants to be an empress and/or takeover the Earth. Cinder gets word of Levana’s plot of kill Kai after she gets him to agree to marry her. She must decide if she wants to warn Kai or finally make her escape from the life she never wanted. Kai is looking for the long lost Princess Selene, true ruler of Luna. If Selene can be found, the world will be safe from Levana. The only problem is that Selene is thought to have been killed in a nursery fire eleven years ago.

The world has been suffering from a fatal disease that has killed millions over the past decade. The origins of the disease and the search for the antidote reveals a secret that Cinder never knew about herself that could possibly change the fate of the world.

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