Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles, #2)Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
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The second installation of the Lunar Chronicles is a darker, more blood thirsty version of Little Red Riding Hood.

Scarlet Benoit is on a mission to find her missing grandmother. The police have abandoned the search and the other residents of their rural farming French town think she is crazy and just ran off. While making a delivery, Scarlet meets Wolf. He is parading around as a street fighter who showed up in town shortly after her grandmother disappeared. It’s not until later that Scarlet finds out how appropriate his name is and the real reason he showed up in town.

On the other side of the world, Cinder is in the process of escaping from prison. Now that she knows who she really is and even worse, Levana knows, escaping from prison is literally a matter of life and death. Once free, she puts all of her energy into trying to find anyone from her past who can shed some light what happened. The only link she can find is a woman by the name of Michelle Benoit.

Scarlet and Cinder’s search for Michelle causes their paths to cross. At the same time Levana uses Cinder’s escape to use the genetically altered soliders she had planted around the world to openly attack. Cinder must come to a decision, does she finally live her life for her or does she take action to step into the role she was meant to be in?

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