Bare It All (Love Undercover, #2; Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor, #5)Bare It All by Lori Foster
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Readers of Trace of Fever might remember Alice and her role in helping Trace bring down some human traffickers. Bare It All is Alice’s story of how she is working to get her life back on track after her extended time in captivity. Reese is a neighbor who is inadvertently thrust into her life when the altercation at the end of Run the Riske leaves him temporarily homeless while his apartment is considered a crime scene. Reese has been intrigued by his quiet, reserved neighbor since he first noticed her. The unfortunate events in his apartment give him the perfect opportunity to get to know her better.

This book is about gaining the courage and ability to trust others enough to reveal one’s secrets. Alice’s guilt over things that happened during her captivity and her desire to protect Trace’s identity are initially a hindrance to her relationship with Reese. When her attempt to help a girl in need puts Alice in the crosshairs of a drug trafficker, Reese demands to know what happened in her past that is driving her help a stranger in spite of the danger to herself. Alice must choose between revealing all of her secrets and losing the chance to live her life for herself.

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