Captive in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #1)Captive in the Dark by C.J. Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I will open with agreeing that this book is not for everyone; there are some very rough scenes. With that said, the author has created characters that are irrevocably changed by those events which adds an element of realism that at times makes the story hard to read but impossible to put down.

Livvie is a normal eighteen year old girl just trying to survive the curve balls life keeps throwing at her. She never expected to become a victim of the sex slave market.

Caleb, on the other hand, has one thing on his mind: vengeance. He set his sights on Livvie with the intent to use her as a means to an end in his plot to exact his revenge. We later find out that Caleb was also a victim of the sex slave market and how it shaped him into the man he is now.

Livvie is determined to not let Caleb break her. Caleb is determined to bend Livvie to his will at all costs. Neither of them expected to develop feelings for the other one. Livvie questions her sanity and whether or not she is suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Caleb doesn’t understand why Livvie makes him feel things he never expected to feel or why he is questioning using her for his vengeance.

As I stated before, this book is dark and gritty but underneath it all is a story of two people that could be so right for each other that it’s almost incomprehensible that they had to meet under such horrible circumstances. At the end of this installment, Caleb is gripped by internal turmoil and we do not know if he will go forward with his plan for revenge or try to foster a relationship with Livvie.

The story continues in Seduced in the Dark: The Dark Duet Volume 2.

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