The Comfort of LiesThe Comfort of Lies by Randy Susan Meyers
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Three women with three separate lives are connected by heartbreak and an innocent child.

Six years ago Tia had a yearlong affair with Juliette’s husband Nathan and got pregnant. On the same night that Tia tells Nathan about the baby, he confesses to Juliette about the affair, but not about the baby. Heartbroken by Nathan’s desertion, Tia decides to give the baby up for adoption. Peter and Caroline have the perfect child-free life, or so she thinks. Peter desperately wants to have a child but adoption is their only option. Tia decides to give her baby to Peter and Caroline in hopes that they will be able to give her a happy fulfilling life. On Savannah’s fifth birthday, Tia decides to send a copy of the pictures she received from Peter and Caroline along with a letter to Nathan. This one action changes everyone’s lives.

Juliette and Nathan’s marriage survived the affair. When knowledge of Savannah’s existence comes to light, it is the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Caroline is cracking under the pressure of motherhood. Tia’s life is spiraling out of control. Can five year old Savannah cause the destruction of three lives or will she make them all better people?

This story of infidelity, heartbreak, and sacrifice shows us how one version of the modern family came to be and the difficulties inherent in such an arrangement.

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