Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #2)Seduced in the Dark by C.J. Roberts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First and foremost you have to pay very close attention. This book jumps back and forth between present day and events that occurred over the four months prior to the present. C.J. Roberts made this book significantly longer than Captive in the Dark so a lot more happens over a longer period of time. We find out a lot more about Caleb’s past. The fact that Caleb has any humanity left in him at all after enduring his past speaks to his strength of character; he is the poster child of how our past shapes our present and the person we are.

We find out almost immediately that Livvie successfully escapes. The book opens with her in the hospital after her escape. She recounts her time in captivity to the FBI over the course of the book which is how we find out how she escapes.

This book begs the question, ‘What are the chances of the average person falling in love with someone who had them kidnapped with the intent on auctioning them off as a sex slave?” (Throughout the book there is no doubt that Livvie is in love with Caleb; her grief is an almost tangible thing through the pages of the book.)However, that is not the point. As a reader, you must be willing to endure the darkness of the story to glimpse the bit of light at the end.

C.J. Roberts gives us a glimpse of the horror that is human trafficking while also giving us a story of betrayal, revenge, redemption, and forgiveness. While Livvie appears to be the obvious victim in the two books, we find out that Caleb has suffered the most horrifying betrayal, making you cheer for him to exact his revenge in spite of his tumultuous relationship with Livvie. Livvie’s biggest role is in offering Caleb forgiveness and allowing him to see that redemption is possible.

I honestly did not know how I felt at the end of this one, I still don’t. Do I feel I wasted my time reading it…definitely not. It was a very well written story. Both of the main characters are struggling to live but from very different aspects. She is literally fighting for her life while he is struggling to have a future and not drown in the past.

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