The Goblin King (The Kings #4)The Goblin King by Heather Killough-Walden
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What comes to mind when you think of goblins? Creatures with multiple rows of razor sharp teeth, talons, horns, scales, pretty much a monster. You would be correct in your thinking in this case as well until you happen to run across the Goblin King. Damon Chroi is the walking, talking epitome of bad-ass deliciousness. He was exiled from the Fae kingdom in his youth because of his immense power. As one of the thirteen kings, Damon knows that the day is coming that he will meet his queen. When he stumbles across Diana Piper one night in an alley, he knows instantly that she is his queen and that he cannot live without her another minute.

Diana has the power to heal. Since this is not an everyday talent, she is open to the possibility that other magical beings/things might exist. The night she meets Damon, she realizes that being open to the possibility and finding out other beings exist are two very different things. As with the other Queens, Diana is in danger from the scurge that is hunting them.

Since the Goblin Kingdom has ‘restricted’ access, Damon thinks Diana will be safe there. However, the bad guys have a loop hole. The Ka, who attacked the Kings at the end of the Warlock King, resurfaces. Damon’s Ka is able to enter the Goblin kingdom because they are in essence exact clones. Like all Fae, Damon does not give anyone his true name because names have power. Damon’s battle with his Ka is a battle of epic proportions, one not soon forgotten.

This was another great addition to The Kings series, a spinoff of the Big Bad Wolf series. We get to visit with many of the characters followers of the series have come to love. With that said, this book does not give us an in depth look at the progression of Damon and Diana’s relationship. What we get instead is a building of what is coming down the line with their story woven in.

What carrot does H K-W dangle in front of us to make us anticipate the next installment even more? We meet one of the future queens and find out who the next two kings and queens will be. “Happy dance!!!!”

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