MacRieve (Immortals After Dark, #13)MacRieve by Kresley Cole
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Uilleam MacRieve was traumatized as a boy and then again later as an adult. A man can only be expected to endure so much. The expectations are even less when the trauma he has endured has caused him to have a tenuous hold on the beast within him. He is in utter despair and ready to end his pain.

Chloe has owned her life and accomplished every goal she set for herself. Lately, however, something is starting to change. While they are small changes she has no idea why they are occurring. She tells her father and his only response is to give her a book about the Lore and say they will talk about it when he returns, which he never does. The next thing she knows, she has been kidnapped and is up for auction by the very creatures she just discovered existed.

MacRieve immediately realizes that Chloe is his mate and salvation. Fate however decides to throw him one more challenge to overcome before he can find peace. While MacRieve’s animosity towards Chloe might seem out of character for mates, it is understandable give his history with her species (yes she is more than human). He must overcome his prejudice or risk losing his mate, forever.

Kresley Cole’s story depicts the error of stereotyping. Cole does a great job of expressing MacRieve’s inner turmoil about his situation and feelings towards Chloe. This is book thirteen of the Immortals After Dark series. It makes a great addition to the series for fans but it can also stand alone for those who are new to the series.

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