The Dordogne Deception

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The Dordogne DeceptionThe Dordogne Deception by Sherry Joyce
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When a romance novel opens not with a crime of passion but a conspired, premeditated murder, there should be no doubt that the book is not your typical boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love and live happily ever after fairytale. The Dordogne Deception is a sordid, dark romantic thriller.

Most of the book is told from two perspectives; Brett who is investigating the death of his friend/mentor and Cherise who is living a fairytale life in a French chateau. These two have never met and have no idea that their lives will unexpectedly clash together which may cost both of them their lives. The two different viewpoints occur concurrently which gives the readers the advantage of knowing much more than the characters making the convergence of the perspectives that much more exciting.

Sherry Joyce gives enough backstory for each character so that readers will understand their personalities and motivations. Cherise is trying to overcome the shock of her sudden divorce and trying to make a fresh start by buying a bed and breakfast in the French countryside. Francois is looking for an unsuspecting, vulnerable, wealthy woman to target next in his lifelong scheme of acquiring wealth. Brett is a retired Scotland Yard detective who is trying to get back in the world after the death of his wife. Diana is a young opportunist whose goal in life is to find a rich man to take care of her. Joyce does an amazing job of weaving the lives of these four people together in a wonderfully surprising mix of tragedy and getting another chance at love.

The pace of the book is a bit sluggish at times but the primary reason for that is because the reader can feel the anxiety of the characters and you want to beg for relief from the tension. You will be eager for the story to peak when all of the secrets get revealed and the characters show their true colors.

The Dordogne Deception is a masterfully written plot which will appeal to readers who enjoy books of the romance and suspense/thriller genres, alike. The combination of lies, conspiracy, betrayal, murder, heartache, and love with a touch of the whimsical, all set against the backdrops of the English and French countryside’s is a wonderful surprise and delight for readers.

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Sanctum Retribrution

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Sanctum Retribution: Shadow Havens Book 3Sanctum Retribution: Shadow Havens Book 3 by Edenmary Black
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Shadow Havens series gets better with each book and Sanctum Retribution, book three of the series, is no exception. For those who are new to the series, Edenmary Black provides enough back story so that you will not be lost or confused. However, readers who enjoyed the first two books of the series will get a real treat with this installation. There is more action, more relationships and matings, more conspiracy, more everything than the first two books combined. All of the characters from the previous books are present we get to see how their lives are progressing.

This book picks up right where the previous book left off with Lady Ilea running the Saint Rushton Demesne and she plans to initiate a lot of radical changes. Sebastien reemerges on the other side of the world but when he hears news from his spy at his former Demesne his madness jumps up to a new and dangerous level. Another Demesne is introduced which brings another host of characters. The sanctum welcomes a new vampire who brings them news that will solidify the alliance between the Saint Rushton Demesne and the Sanctum, exactly what Sebastien is trying to avoid.

Edenmary Black has created characters readers will be powerless not to love and others that are so despicable and vile you can’t help but despise them with the every fiber of your being. The characters all have a richness and depth that makes them leap off the page. Their personalities are very believable and match the visual imaginary Black’s descriptions has created.

The Shadow Havens series will appeal to followers of Kim Harrison’s The Hollows series. There are vampires, weres, angels, and a myriad of other supernatural beings living among yet apart from humans in rural Pennsylvania. Readers who like their paranormal romance to contain as much action as it does love, spunky female characters with fearless, chivalrous men to support them, look no further.

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Dangerous Curves Ahead

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Dangerous Curves Ahead (Perfect Fit, #1)Dangerous Curves Ahead by Sugar Jamison
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“I like your figure. I’ll watch it for you.”

The average American woman is a size fourteen so it is very curious that romance novels rarely feature female characters whose descriptions seem to reflect this statistic. Sugar Jamison has created a character that is spunky, sassy, and looks like the typical woman you see every day. Readers will love Ellis; she’s rudely sarcastic, has body image issues, can’t find clothes that fit right, has a love/hate relationship with her sister, and gets the hot guy.

“Ellis, you’re soft and beautiful. You’re the kind of woman a man can picture holding his children. You’re the kind of woman who seems like she can manage it all.”

Mike is trying to figure out what he wants from life and meeting Ellis, again, makes it even harder. He and Ellis are clearly a match made in heaven but they just can’t seem to get it together. Mike has commitment issues and Ellis has trust issues.

Sugar Jamison has created a cast of real-life, laugh out loud funny characters. Dysfunctional families, loyal friends, and vindictive exes surround the main characters which make the story leap off the page making it seem more like a sit-com than a book. Dangerous Curves Ahead is an unexpected treat for readers. Be sure to add Sugar Jamison to your list of go-to authors for a feel-good read.

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