Dangerous Curves Ahead (Perfect Fit, #1)Dangerous Curves Ahead by Sugar Jamison
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“I like your figure. I’ll watch it for you.”

The average American woman is a size fourteen so it is very curious that romance novels rarely feature female characters whose descriptions seem to reflect this statistic. Sugar Jamison has created a character that is spunky, sassy, and looks like the typical woman you see every day. Readers will love Ellis; she’s rudely sarcastic, has body image issues, can’t find clothes that fit right, has a love/hate relationship with her sister, and gets the hot guy.

“Ellis, you’re soft and beautiful. You’re the kind of woman a man can picture holding his children. You’re the kind of woman who seems like she can manage it all.”

Mike is trying to figure out what he wants from life and meeting Ellis, again, makes it even harder. He and Ellis are clearly a match made in heaven but they just can’t seem to get it together. Mike has commitment issues and Ellis has trust issues.

Sugar Jamison has created a cast of real-life, laugh out loud funny characters. Dysfunctional families, loyal friends, and vindictive exes surround the main characters which make the story leap off the page making it seem more like a sit-com than a book. Dangerous Curves Ahead is an unexpected treat for readers. Be sure to add Sugar Jamison to your list of go-to authors for a feel-good read.

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