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SpellboundSpellbound by Sylvia Day
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A dom/sub romance novella with a paranormal twist

There’s nothing new about witches and warlocks having familiars in the form of black cats. Sylvia Day put a new twist on it by making the familiar a shape shifter. Victoria St. John has been on her own for centuries since she lost Darius, her warlock. In her all-consuming grief she has constantly provoked the council that governs the world of witches, warlocks and familiars. The council has sent countless warlocks to reel her in over the years and all have failed miserably, until Max Westin.

Max and Victoria are a dangerous pairing. He is one of the most powerful warlocks and she has powers never before wielded by a familiar. Together they bolster each other’s power making them a formidable foe for those they hunt. Because Victoria has so much power it makes it difficult for her to submit to Max which is the only thing he asked of her when he claimed her for his own.

From the author of the best-selling Crossfire series comes yet another fantastic story, romance readers will thoroughly enjoy. A fast plot, sexy characters, and a dash of paranormal makes Spellbound a great read for readers looking for a quick weekend read.

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Close Pursuit

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Close PursuitClose Pursuit by Cindy Dees
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Danger, spies, coercion, high speed chases, flashy cars, and a baby?

When Alex Peters and Katie McCloud volunteered to travel halfway around the world to help women in crisis by delivering their babies, neither of them expected to end up on the run with a newborn. After calling in favors to high ranking officials in the FSB and CIA, they finally make it back to the United States where they hope they can escape the people trying to kill them. The problem is that they don’t know who is after them and they don’t know why.

Katie is a kindergarten teacher who is trying to prove to her family that she can make it on her own. Alex is the son of an infamous Russian spy. He is trying to live his life on his own terms but he is constantly being harassed by his father to become a spy for Russia and by the CIA to become a spy for the US. Katie recognizes in Alex a yearning to be loved and she is desperate to show him love and to prove to him that he is capable to loving others.

Cindy Dees’ novel is fast paced and features two very likable main characters. Readers looking for a quick read that contains a little romance with a lot of espionage should look no further.

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Souls Adrift in the Windy City

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Souls Adrift in the Windy CitySouls Adrift in the Windy City by JoAnn Hornak
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Will free will prevent two soul mates from finding each other?

When two souls destined to be together can’t seem to cross paths, matchmakers step in to give them a little nudge. Inez and Zeke are two such souls and Serena and Herodius are the matchmakers sent in to help them realize that destiny; this book is similar to the movie Adjustment Bureau.

As soon as Inez and Zeke are introduced, it’s obvious they are meant to be together. However, life gets in the way and while the sparks fly at their first meeting, the timing is terrible and they end up going their separate ways. Neither of them follows their dreams which prevent them from crossing paths again for over ten years.

JoAnn Hornak has written a tale that speaks of the potential consequences of not listening to that little voice in the back of your mind or ignoring what your gut is telling you. Overall, the book has a steady pace but the stubbornness and free will of the main characters conspire against them preventing their fate of meeting and possibly finding that rare jewel known as true love. As a result, this makes it a very frustrating read. The premise of the two main characters being soul mates is lost because of their continual refusal to listen to their gut instincts which would have brought them together.

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