SpellboundSpellbound by Sylvia Day
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A dom/sub romance novella with a paranormal twist

There’s nothing new about witches and warlocks having familiars in the form of black cats. Sylvia Day put a new twist on it by making the familiar a shape shifter. Victoria St. John has been on her own for centuries since she lost Darius, her warlock. In her all-consuming grief she has constantly provoked the council that governs the world of witches, warlocks and familiars. The council has sent countless warlocks to reel her in over the years and all have failed miserably, until Max Westin.

Max and Victoria are a dangerous pairing. He is one of the most powerful warlocks and she has powers never before wielded by a familiar. Together they bolster each other’s power making them a formidable foe for those they hunt. Because Victoria has so much power it makes it difficult for her to submit to Max which is the only thing he asked of her when he claimed her for his own.

From the author of the best-selling Crossfire series comes yet another fantastic story, romance readers will thoroughly enjoy. A fast plot, sexy characters, and a dash of paranormal makes Spellbound a great read for readers looking for a quick weekend read.

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