Burning Dawn (Angels of the Dark, #3)Burning Dawn by Gena Showalter
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Book three of the Angels of the Dark series is ah-mazing!! Readers will love both Elin and Thane and the other members of the Army of Disgrace.

It’s like I ordered you from a catalogue. Like I said, I’ll take that gorgeous face and that sexy body, now add a dash of sweetness, and a smidgeon of protectiveness, and, okay, yeah, just go ahead and dip him in raging lust.

Thane and Elin meet as captives in a Phoenix camp. As a Sent One, Thane is a warrior among warriors so it comes as a surprise that Elin, a Halfling, ends up rescuing him. Grateful for her assistance in his escape, Thane takes Elin with him to make it easier to protect her. They quickly realize that they cannot ignore the all-consuming lust they feel for each other but they both fight it because of things in their past.

Love is more than an emotion. It’s a choice. Feeling love is one thing. Showing love is quite another.

Gena Showalter never disappoints. She gives us two characters who are both able to overcome their pasts and become stronger, better people because of it. Elin is just what Thane needs to help him get his life under control before he loses all hope of maintaining his place in heaven while he gives her the courage to live again after the tragic loss of her family.

Be sure to add the newest edition of the Angels of the Dark series, a spinoff of the Lords of the Underworld series to your to-read list.

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