Fire Rising (Dark Kings, #2)Fire Rising by Donna Grant
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In book two of the Dark Kings series, we meet Tristan, the newest Dragon King. There hadn’t been a new Dragon King in ages so Tristan’s appearance was a shock to put it mildly. While no one knows how he became a Dragon King, his face is instantly familiar as the twin of a Warrior everyone believed to be dead.

Sammi is content with her life running her pub when everything literally blows up in her face. Out of options, she flees to her sister at Dreagan for shelter for a few days to heal and formulate a plan. Unbeknownst to her, she has been pulled into the burgeoning war between the Dragon Kings and their many enemies. The last thing Sammi and Tristan expected or needed in the midst of all the danger surrounding them was the fierce attraction between them.

Donna Grant’s Dark Kings series is such a wonderful breath of fresh air for the paranormal romance genre. She incorporates several different types of otherworldly creatures into the subplot that keeps readers engaged. The series is a nicely done mixture of romance for the main story with just enough action and intrigue for the underlying story to keep the series moving forward.

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