Burning Desire (Dark Kings, #3)Burning Desire by Donna Grant
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Book three of the Dark Kings series takes us to Ireland where Kiril has been living amongst the enemy, the Dark Fae, in hopes of learning who they are conspiring with to destroy the Dragon Kings. He is also hoping to get an indication of where they are holding Rhi so that he can rescue her and hopefully avoid capture.

Shara is trying to get back in her family’s good graces by helping them capture Kiril. She shamed her family and has been under house arrest for over six hundred years. She knows that if she fails to capture Kiril, her family, more specifically her brother, will not hesitate to kill her.

Shara is sent to seduce Kiril and he knows it but neither of them expected to actually fall for the other. However, past betrayals and old insecurities hinder their budding romance and almost cost both of them their lives.

Donna Grant has written another wonderful addition to the series. She expands of the world of the Dark Fae in this installment and provides more insight into Ulrik, who is believed to be the mastermind behind the burgeoning war with the Dragon Kings. The series is propelled forward by the Dark Fae’s obsession with finding a mysterious object the Kings hid and another King taking a mate in spite of Con’s attempts to prevent it.

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