Queen of Swords (Sanctify, #1)Queen of Swords by Katee Robert
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A glorious combo of sci-fi and paranormal romance

A little bit sci-fi and adventure, some romance and you have Katee Robert’s first installment of the Sanctify series. She has created a story that traverses several different worlds and species which gives it a wonderful depth and freshness.

Ophelia is trying to forget her crew was killed and she could have prevented it if only she had listened to the warning. Boone is trying to figure out if he can use his brother’s future bride to aid his cause and take him down once and for all before it’s too late. Ophelia and Boone never expected their night of passion would turn into the happy disaster that followed. However, they will have to face down countless enemies, suffer losses and betrayals before they can settle down and figure out the future of their relationship.

Like her? He could barely be around her without wanting to throw her out and airlock…or into bed.

Queen of Swords contains space ships, love, warp jumps, girl fights, harems, laser guns, and fights to the death which will appeal to even the most fickle readers. While it is not a traditional romance, this is a quick feel good story about finding love and meting out justice.

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