His to ClaimHis to Claim by Opal Carew
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Can he give her what she needs without losing himself?

Melanie has loved Rafe Rainer for years. Working for him became unbearable when he fell in love with her best friend. She decided to leave her job and finally figure out what she wanted and start living her life for herself. Most people don’t know this but Rafe is also Storm from the hit band Savage Kiss. He has yet to figure out if he wants to be a billionaire CEO or a famed rock star because both don’t seem possible. His relationship with Melanie presents another problem. She wants a dominant lover and Rafe/Storm is afraid his troubled past will cause him to go too far and hurt her

Opal Carew is a master at writing quick reads filled with love and lots of lust. We get a refreshing twist on the billionaire/dominant sub-genre. We do not have an inexperienced girl being overwhelmed by the sexy billionaire who needs to control her but rather a man who is attempting to fight those urges for fear that he will hurt the woman he loves. While the story is short, Opal Carew is able to write a full-bodied story that does not leave readers wanting.

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