No Limits

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No LimitsNo Limits by Lori Foster
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Nothing irritates me more than a idiotic woman. Why can’t a male character be attracted to a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to love or be loved? There seems to be a disturbing theme that is showing an alarming recurrence, female lead characters who are incredibly dumb or refuse to believe they are deserving or love or capable of giving it. Why is this? Just once I would like to see a normal everyday woman that has body image issue and a mild obsession with shoes and cupcakes fall in love and marry a guy with a 9 to 5 day job. Now I understand that there probably wont be any over the top overly dramatic drama but sometimes there is so much drama in real life that I want my books to have simple characters with a simple life.

Now that I have finished my rant, it is probably obvious that this book was not one of my favorites almost solely because of the lead female character. She didn’t show her true level of ridiculousness until about 80% and by then I felt pot committed so I finished. Other than her it was a pretty good offering from Lori Foster. This is the first book in a spin-off series of a spin-off so you do get to revisit with a couple characters from Love Undercover. There is a good story here, she just should have went a different way with Yvette.

Fans of Lori Foster will enjoy the overall storyline and the fact the she is starting a new series which means there will be future installments to enjoy.

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Chains of Darkness

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Chains of Darkness (Men in Chains, #2)Chains of Darkness by Caris Roane
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The chains never lie…

Book Two of the Men in Chains series picks up right where the first book left off and we get to visit with some of the characters who quickly became favorites.

We briefly heard about Claire when Lily was reunited with her son and we found out that she had escaped from Daniel’s compound where she was caring for Josh. At the beginning of the story she is dropped outside of a cavern system by Rumy with the expectation that she would rescue Lucian and together they would find her friend Zoey and continue the search for the extinction weapon.

Lucian is in bad shape when Claire gets to him but they quickly form a deep emotional bond that is enhanced by the blood chains. They battle Daniel and his minions several times as the hunt for the extinction weapon heats us.

Caris Roane incorporated a lot more action into this installment while the first book had more of a balance between emotion and action. She brought back most of the great characters from the first book but this one was lacking something. With that said, this is still a solid addition to a vampire series.

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