Hot Blooded (Dark Kings, #4)Hot Blooded by Donna Grant
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sometimes you must see to believe.

Iona and Laith’s story starts with a tragedy but ends with a promise of a happy future for the couple. While they were the focus of the book, there was an abundance of other plotlines in this installment. Rhys is still suffering from the injury he sustained in the last battle with the Dark Fae during Rhi’s rescue. Speaking of Rhi, she is struggling to find herself again after being tortured by Balladyn, someone she considered a brother. The future of the Kings and those around them is uncertain and so far they have more questions than answers.

The Dark Kings series is wonderfully captivating simply because there is nothing else like it out there. For those who love paranormal romance, a series about dragons is an unexpected break from vampires and were-creatures.

Donna Grant has done an excellent job of keeping readers interested by leaving the underlying thread of the series a mystery through four books. The Dragon Kings are a hair’s breath away from war with a still unnamed enemy. Those who have followed the series have a strong suspicion but at this point it could still be anyone.

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