Black Moon DrawBlack Moon Draw by Lizzy Ford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How many times have you been so entranced by a story that it felt real; you could see, taste, feel, everything the characters did as if you were actually there.

Naia is chronically unhappy with her life but she is powerless to do anything about it because she is paralyzed by fear. She spends her life escaping into books and after a drunken pity party for one she wakes up and finds herself in the middle of her latest read. It gets more complicated when the characters in the book have not only been expecting her but think she is something she’s not, or so she thinks. She must decide if she wants to permanently become part of the story or if she wants to go back to her miserable existence.

When it matters, they take a step they never thought they’d take.

Lizzy Ford has created an unexpected treasure. She has created a world of fantasy with knights and magic that is real and imaginary at the same time depending on which perspective you take. The overall story is quite simply but the plot is multi-layered and complex. This is sure to be a favorite for book lovers.

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