Wild (The Ivy Chronicles, #3)Wild by Sophie Jordan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Georgia’s wasn’t living her life; her life was living her. She was the smart one, the reliable one. In reality, she was desperate for more, to find some joy in something, anything. The problem was that she feared no one would like the person she really was. After her boyfriend of four years unceremoniously dumped her, Georgia hadn’t exactly given up on love she just wasn’t looking for it. She definitely wasn’t looking for Logan Mulvaney or the crazy way he made her act and feel. He brought out the person she truly was underneath the person everyone expected her to be. While she wanted to revel in that, fear caused her to stumble and make mistakes at every turn.

“That’s where you’re wrong. You are. You just haven’t figured that out yet.”

Sophie Jordan has outdone herself with this installation of the Ivy Chronicles. Logan and Georgia have the typical young adult baggage but they are so much more. They both seem so real that at times you could forget you’re reading a book and feel more like you are secretly snooping into someone’s life. For a quick read that will pull at your heartstrings, look no further. You also get to catch up with Pepper, Reese, Emerson, and Shaw from the previous series installments.

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