The Closer You Come

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The Closer You Come (The Original Heartbreakers, #1)The Closer You Come by Gena Showalter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jase, West, and Beck decided to ‘start over’ in Strawberry Valley, OK population 7,416. They figured it was far enough away from the city to get away from the demons of their past but yet close enough for a night out on the town when the occasion called for one. While all three are still dealing with the emotional distress of one terrible night, Jase also has to deal with the physical scars since he actually served time in prison for it.

Brook Lynn Dillon is barely surviving in a questionable state of contentment. She is on the hunt for her sister yet again when she meets Jase for the first time. The chemistry between her and Jase is palpable and wouldn’t luck have it, she finds her sister in his bed making him off limits. In spite of that initial awkward faux pas, they find that they cannot ignore the attraction between them.

Gena Showalter is a romantic genius. Once again she has created an entire community that is unbelievably real with strong characters readers will love. This has the makings of a great romance series and we she how the love lives of West and Beck will unfold.

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Playing Dirty

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Playing Dirty (Bad Boys Undercover, #1)Playing Dirty by HelenKay Dimon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Black Ops, deadly toxins, and explosions; sounds like a great action thriller but when you throw in the fragile tendrils of new love yet to be acknowledged, you have the makings of a solid, romantic suspense.

Part of Ford’s assignment on this operation for Alliance is to keep tabs on Shay, the cousin of the man who created the toxin that will decimate humanity if it’s not found before being sold to the highest bidder in a black market auction. He doesn’t even try to fight the attraction between him and Shay. She is still overcoming a huge betrayal from a previous relationship and was only looking for a good time with no strings attached. Both got more than they bargained for when Shay is suddenly pulled in the mayhem in the search for the toxin and they both have to acknowledge the very real, very deep feelings they have for each other.

HelenKay Dimon has written a great first installment for a new series, Bad Boys Undercover. You will love the good guys and be itching to take out the bad guys yourself. The plot moves at a reasonable pace. There is also great character development which allows readers to emotionally invest in them. Playing Dirty is a great non-sappy romantic suspense.

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