Soul Scorched (Dark Kings, #6)Soul Scorched by Donna Grant
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book six of the Dark Kings series begins with finding out more kings have awakened in preparation for the coming battle with Ulrik. This installment focuses on Warrick whom we met briefly in Night’s Blaze. He is sent to watch over Darcy, a Druid, who garnered the interest of the kings because she is the one who helped Ulrik get some of his magic back. What makes the whole situation complicated is that the Dark Fae are after her although we know that they are in league with Ulrik who still needs her to get more of his magic unbound. Warrick ends up having to protect Darcy from the Dark Fae and the Dragon Kings.

Donna Grant continues to build on the series. There are some big revelations in this installment but also more questions. The series is definitely building up to something huge; there is just no way of knowing exactly how it will unfold at this point. With an influx of new dragon kings the series could continue indefinitely which is a double-edged sword; readers want to see the coming battle but as with all series there is an attachment to the characters you don’t want to end.

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