Those Red High HeelsThose Red High Heels by Katherine May
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What started out as the worst day of Emma Walker’s life ended up being the catalyst for her happily ever after. If Emma hadn’t awoken to a dog with stomach issues followed by being late for work and subsequently getting fired, she probably never would have bought those to die for, killer, red heels during her retail therapy session.

Greyson Lyons is moving through life on auto-pilot; he works to take over the family business, he is even planning to marry a woman he barely likes as a person, for the greater good of the business. When a woman in red high heels gets into his car by mistake, his entire world tilts on its axis and he will never be the same.

Katherine May has created some of the best characters one could hope for. They experience love, lust, hurt, and disappointment in a very real way. She has written a quick read that still delivers on depth and emotion. There is a sort of magic behind the notion of love at first sight but with this story even the most adamant naysayers may actually start to believe it could exist.

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