This Time Forever (Glebe Point, #1)This Time Forever by Patricia Paris
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

On the best and worst day of his life, Blake finds out he has a son only no one knows where he is. He hires a private detective to try and find him but lead after lead turns into a dead end. When he meets Delaney he starts to feel that life isn’t completely unfair. Little does he know that his past and his present are on a collision course that will irrevocably change his future.

In an effort to protect someone you love, is it okay to deceive another? This is the predicament that is now Delaney’s life. She wanted to do what was best for Ben but ended up falling in love with his father which was not part of the plan. She only wanted to meet Blake to confirm his horribleness but things get really complicated when the private detective Blake hired unveils her secret before she has a chance to.

Patricia Paris has written a delightful cast of characters that have good times, bad times, and some real punches to the gut that will have readers holding back tears. This is a great read for those looking for a contemporary romance with a healthy dose of depth.

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