The Kind Worth Killing

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The Kind Worth KillingThe Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Peter Swanson has penned quite the psychological thriller. Ted is feeling a bit despondent since he recently found that his wife, Miranda, is cheating on him. A few to many drinks at the airport and Ted shares with Lily, supposedly a complete stranger, that he is contemplating killing his wife to avoid giving her a share of his fortune since she wasn’t considerate enough to ask him for a divorce as opposed to cheating on him. Lily sees nothing wrong with this and states that the world is simply a better place without some people in it and offers to help him plan to get rid of his wife. That fateful meeting sets in motion events none of the characters foresaw.

The plot flips back and forth between the present for all of the characters and Lily’s past. The flashbacks to Lily’s past gives us quite a bit of insight into her mind. While Lily doesn’t necessarily think differently than the average person, the difference is that she acts on those thoughts/impulses. The storyline moves along at a good pace and the characters are developed very well. There are quite a few twists and turns in the plot and the ending ties everything up nicely but Swanson throws one last curve ball at the end that leaves you wanting to book to continue for one more chapter.

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Prior Sins

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Prior SinsPrior Sins by D.J. Gross
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

DJ Gross has created very likable characters and an antagonist you can actually feel sorry for.

With Sarah, you realize early on that she couldn’t help but fall victim to her dreams and hallucinations since her mother drilled into her that she would be put away if she ever told anyone. Hadrian, dark angel good looks with a British accent to complete the package, is just the right person to come along to dig into Sarah’s past and help her realize she wasn’t going crazy because her dreams had a very real, very horrifying origin. As for the antagonist, (I won’t state the name as that will be a major spoiler)throw in some mythology to go along with the unhealthy obsession and tormented childhood and you have a certifiable crazy person that passes as normal during his interactions with the other characters.

One really nice aspect of the book is that you never actually know who the antagonist is until the characters do. It’s very easy to have suspicions about a couple of the characters but you never actually know until you’re told. Many times as a reader you are privy to information the characters are not and you’re just waiting for them to be enlightened; not so in this case. As soon as you think you know who it is beyond a doubt, you find out you’re wrong.

If you’re looking for some mystery and suspense with a little romance thrown in, Prior Sins fits the bill.

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The Strangler

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StranglerStrangler by William Landay
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Murder and mayhem in 1960s Boston.

The story centers on the Daley brothers and how they are each affected by the events of 1963 through mid-1964 and their roles. With Joe Daley, the oldest Daley brother, we see his decline from a shady cop to becoming a crooked cop. Middle brother and lawyer Michael goes from being the weak link in the family to being the one everyone turns to for direction. Ricky, master burglar and youngest of the Daley clan, is the most mysterious of the brothers even at the end of the book.

Mob-based crime, murder, deceit, betrayal, this book has it all. You are almost instantly sucked into the two plot lines of the story. You can’t help but follow along and try to figure out if they will find the real strangler. With the other plot line you want to know how organized crime is playing a role in the development of the ‘new Boston’ and what it could possibly have to do with the Daley’s.

William Landay’s Defending Jacob was very well written but a little slow. The Strangler on the other hand reads at a faster pace. You get quality time with each of the main characters which gives you time to develop a true investment in each of their outcomes. Watching the subtle change in the characters was very rewarding and a critical aspect to make the story work. A good, intriguing read.

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RedeemerRedeemer by Heather Killough-Walden
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This one will take you off the beaten path. It has religious aspects as well as vampires, who knew the two went together.

The vamps in H K-W’s story are not what you would expect. They are not turned by being bitten. They are human until they die and they come back to life as a vampire with the help of some salt. This part is not explained very well. This story is supposed to be the first in a series so I hope more information will be forthcoming in future installments.

Michael the main male character explains how the group he is a part of goes back to the time of Jesus and how they played a role in Judas’ betrayal and the crucifixion.

It was a very interesting story but it left more questions unanswered than answered which is good for a series because it makes you read the next book in hopes of getting answers.

Waiting for the next installment…

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The Huntress

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The HuntressThe Huntress by Dorothy McFalls
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Vega always gets her man, woman, child, whoever she has been sent after.

She takes her job as a bounty hunter very seriously and she is one of the best in spite of being a former beauty queen. Her life is turned upside down when Grayson Walker’s file hits her desk. Grayson has been on the loose for 6 months and Vega is determined to accomplish what her three predecessor could not – bringing him in after he skipped bail. Grayon however has no intention of being caught until he proves his innocence. He is in the fight of his life after being accused of murdering his best friend and business partner along with the previous three bounty hunters sent to bring him in.

As the chase continues, Vega and Grayson match wits and a growing attraction. The battle of wills ends with betrayal, bullets, and the uncovering of a bigger conspiracy both unwittingly became a part of.

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