Passion Ignites

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Passion Ignites (Dark Kings, #7)Passion Ignites by Donna Grant
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The seventh book in the Dark Kings series does not disappoint. Like all the other Dragon Kings, Thorn is not looking for and does not want a mate but there’s something about Lexi that he can’t ignore. Unlike most humans how follow the Dark Fae in a haze of desire, Lexi is following them to find the one who killed her friend to exact revenge. However, Lexi quickly finds herself the newest target in the burgeoning war between the Kings and the Dark Fae.

The Dark, Ulrik, and Mikkel finally seem to be a step ahead of the Kings. The Kings walked right into a trap in the installation of the series and the ramifications could be dire.

Donna Grant has outdone herself with this book. There are so many agendas among the characters that it’s hard to keep up, in a good way. The best part about series is that it gives the writer time to develop the characters and have the adapt changes and it gives the readers time to really bond with them. With this series, readers will be on bated breath to share in the joys and sorrows of the awesome characters.

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Night’s Blaze

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Night's Blaze (Dark Kings, #5)Night’s Blaze by Donna Grant
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rhys has had a noticeable presence in all of the previous installments of the Dark Kings series. We finally get his story in Night’s Blaze. At the end of book four, Rhys sustained an injury that could only have been inflicted by another Dragon King. Since Ulrik is supposedly the only unaccounted for King, those at Dreagan have yet another reason to rid the world of him.

Ever since Lily came to work at Dreagan, Rhys has been trying to keep his distance but when he gets word that Lily is in danger, his first thought is go run to her side. Lily is trying to find the person she was before she turned her back on her family and suffered at the hands of Dennis, the man she loved for three years. They didn’t know it but fate set Lily and Rhys on a collision course to help advance the plot of the man set to destroy the Kings.

Donna Grant has delivered the best installment of the series. This book is jammed packed with deceit, twists, turns, and one wallop of a surprise. Be prepared to meet new kings, see Rhi continue to struggle against the rising darkness, and an unforeseen reveal in the plot against the kings.

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Hot Blooded

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Hot Blooded (Dark Kings, #4)Hot Blooded by Donna Grant
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sometimes you must see to believe.

Iona and Laith’s story starts with a tragedy but ends with a promise of a happy future for the couple. While they were the focus of the book, there was an abundance of other plotlines in this installment. Rhys is still suffering from the injury he sustained in the last battle with the Dark Fae during Rhi’s rescue. Speaking of Rhi, she is struggling to find herself again after being tortured by Balladyn, someone she considered a brother. The future of the Kings and those around them is uncertain and so far they have more questions than answers.

The Dark Kings series is wonderfully captivating simply because there is nothing else like it out there. For those who love paranormal romance, a series about dragons is an unexpected break from vampires and were-creatures.

Donna Grant has done an excellent job of keeping readers interested by leaving the underlying thread of the series a mystery through four books. The Dragon Kings are a hair’s breath away from war with a still unnamed enemy. Those who have followed the series have a strong suspicion but at this point it could still be anyone.

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Chains of Darkness

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Chains of Darkness (Men in Chains, #2)Chains of Darkness by Caris Roane
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The chains never lie…

Book Two of the Men in Chains series picks up right where the first book left off and we get to visit with some of the characters who quickly became favorites.

We briefly heard about Claire when Lily was reunited with her son and we found out that she had escaped from Daniel’s compound where she was caring for Josh. At the beginning of the story she is dropped outside of a cavern system by Rumy with the expectation that she would rescue Lucian and together they would find her friend Zoey and continue the search for the extinction weapon.

Lucian is in bad shape when Claire gets to him but they quickly form a deep emotional bond that is enhanced by the blood chains. They battle Daniel and his minions several times as the hunt for the extinction weapon heats us.

Caris Roane incorporated a lot more action into this installment while the first book had more of a balance between emotion and action. She brought back most of the great characters from the first book but this one was lacking something. With that said, this is still a solid addition to a vampire series.

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Crave the Night

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Crave The Night (Midnight Breed, #12)Crave The Night by Lara Adrian
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book twelve of the Midnight Breed series is not as long as some of the previous installments but what it lacks in length, it more than makes up for in intensity. The looming confrontation between the Breed and Atlanteans is heating up. We still do not know the Atlanteans motivation for showing themselves now after living in secret for so long, but the anticipation feels as if it is leading up to something epic.

After enduring years in Dragos’ labs, Nathan couldn’t fathom himself ever being capable of experiencing love. However, in the relentless quest for clues about the Atlanteans and Opus Nostrum, the Breed finds out that Jordana is a major player in the coming battle so Nathan makes it his purpose in life to ensure her safety.

Lara Adrian has managed to find a way to continue the Midnight Breed series for a dozen installments without the series getting stale. She has created a series about a race of immortals capable of having children so we get to experience a second and third generation. Crave the Night is a great addition to the series and builds anticipation for the future.

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Queen of Wands

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Queen of Wands (Sanctify, #2)Queen of Wands by Katee Robert
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The second installment of the Sanctify series does not disappoint. We met Jenny O’Keirna, Boone’s sister, in Queen of Swords. She is feisty, quick-tempered, and completely outrageous but Mac Flannery, Azure Enterprises prized inventor, is attracted to her all the same. Jenny doesn’t know what it is about surprisingly sexy but nonetheless nerdy inventor that makes her pulse race and libido sky rocket but she grudgingly admits she likes it, a lot. Mac and Jenny give in to their mutual attraction but the timing couldn’t be worse since they are on the run from Sanctify who wants to exploit Mac’s genius to decimate their enemies.

Katee Robert is an absolute genius when it comes to blending sci-fi, romance, and drama; think Star Trek meets the Young and the Restless. The plot runs at a good pace, the characters are realistic and likeable, and the storyline is enjoyable. This book picks up where the first one left off, since it is part of a series, but this book does stand alone for readers who are new to the series.

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Queen of Swords

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Queen of Swords (Sanctify, #1)Queen of Swords by Katee Robert
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A glorious combo of sci-fi and paranormal romance

A little bit sci-fi and adventure, some romance and you have Katee Robert’s first installment of the Sanctify series. She has created a story that traverses several different worlds and species which gives it a wonderful depth and freshness.

Ophelia is trying to forget her crew was killed and she could have prevented it if only she had listened to the warning. Boone is trying to figure out if he can use his brother’s future bride to aid his cause and take him down once and for all before it’s too late. Ophelia and Boone never expected their night of passion would turn into the happy disaster that followed. However, they will have to face down countless enemies, suffer losses and betrayals before they can settle down and figure out the future of their relationship.

Like her? He could barely be around her without wanting to throw her out and airlock…or into bed.

Queen of Swords contains space ships, love, warp jumps, girl fights, harems, laser guns, and fights to the death which will appeal to even the most fickle readers. While it is not a traditional romance, this is a quick feel good story about finding love and meting out justice.

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