Secret Pleasure

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Secret PleasureSecret Pleasure by Lora Leigh
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

From the moment Alyssa, Sebastian, and Shane met, their lives were changed forever. None of them could have ever predicted the pain, suffering, and death that would shadow and threaten them for almost ten years.
At eighteen when she met the cousins, Alyssa was filled with dreams of a life full of a husband’s love and lots of children. At twenty-six, she has lost the will to live and is drowning in despair from everything that has been taken from her. Someone is out to get her and she has no idea why or who it is. When Shane and Sebastian reappear in her life so does her nameless, faceless enemy who seems more determined than ever to destroy her.
Lora Leigh always delivers on steamy romance and love scenes but this time there was also a heavy element of suspense. There are some gaps in the plot and the book ends with readers finding out whom but not really understanding why. However, Secret Pleasure is a solid installment to The Bound Hearts series.

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Live Wire

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Live WireLive Wire by Lora Leigh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The sixth installment of the Elite Ops series is about Jordan and Tehya. Both characters have been present throughout the series so readers have been waiting a very long time to see how their relationship would develop.

Jordan Malone is the mastermind of the Elite Ops. He has safely guided his crew through countless missions over the years. However, he has not been able to convince any of them that ‘happily ever after’ is nothing more than a dangerous illusion; that love is as insubstantial as the wind.

Instead of exploring the possibility of finding happiness with Tehya, Jordan maintains his distance for eight years limiting them to a strictly professional relationship. All of that changes when Tehya’s location and identity are compromised putting her life in peril.

Tehya has loved Jordan since she first laid eyes on him and she plans to do everything in her power to make Jordan question his lack of belief in love.

Lora Leigh is a master at weaving palpable danger, suspense, and romance into story so engrossing it will have readers turning pages late into the night. Visit with all of the members of the Elite Ops as the join forces once again to protect one of their own.

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MaverickMaverick by Lora Leigh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Like all members of the Elite Ops unit, Micah Sloane is a dead man. That means he has no hopes, no dreams, and no future beyond the next mission. He pledged his life for the chance to exact vengeance against the man who killed his entire family, including him. Risa Clay knew her father despised her but she never would have thought he hated her until she suffered the ultimate betrayal at his urging.

The Elite Ops has the chance to take out Orion, an international assassin, but they need Risa’s cooperation to get to him. Micah demands the assignment to pose as Risa’s lover for the op against Orion. It will give him the chance to spend time with Risa and deliver the death-blow to the man responsible for the deaths of his parents. The time Micah spent watching over Risa prior to the op did not prepare him for the depth of feelings and desires Risa awakened within him. While they were definitely unexpected they were not wholly unwanted. The problem is that dead men can’t give forever to the woman they love, or can they?

Lora Leigh’s second installment in the Elite Ops series brings us a story of hope that things will get better in spite of how bad they may seem.

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Wild Card

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Wild CardWild Card by Lora Leigh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nathan/Noah and Sabella are overly deserving of a happily ever after. Lora Leigh makes them work for it in this book. Just as Nathan and Sabella are finding a rhythm in their marriage, Nathan dies. Actually, Sabella is told that Nathan is dead because for all intents and purposes, the man she knew as Nathan is gone. A darker, harsher Nathan, now going by Noah, emerges from his trials and tribulations to help protect Sabella from the scourge that is taking over his hometown. Noah does everything he can to prevent Sabella from discovering he is her long dead husband. However Sabella notices the similarities between Noah and Nathan not to mention the way his touch sets her body on fire.

Lora Leigh has penned a story that is full of ‘appearances can be deceiving’ instances with several of the characters. Sabella is betrayed by a woman she considered her best friend. Nathan/Noah learns that everything he thought about his father was based on incorrect assumptions. Sabella doesn’t understand why Nathan stayed away for so long but has now returned under a different name and has not acknowledged her as his wife. Will they get a second chance at forever or will the deceptions lead to more heartbreak and death?

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